Know The Complete Procedure To Connect Epson Printer to Wi-Fi

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Epson printers are considered as one of the top printers for fulfilling commercial purposes. Due to its excellent quality of prints, users can completely rely upon several models of Epson printers. In short, the Epson printer and its various models fulfill the requirement of the customers.

So, if you buy an Epson printer and want to connect it to the Wi-Fi, then check out this article till the end as here you will find the step-by-step procedure on how to connect the Epson printer to Wi-Fi. You are strongly advised to thoroughly read each and every step without ignoring a single one.

Here is How to Connect Epson Printer to Wi-Fi on Mac:

This passage will provide you with all the steps to connect your Epson printer with the Wi-Fi. What you have to do is to simply connect the Epson printer with your device. 

Then, install the CD drive that has been provided by the Epson printer. After that, you can quickly configure the Epson printer settings to the wireless network.

To set up your printer, you need a wireless router as well as the sign-in credentials of the router, such as Network name (SSID) and password. Then, have a look at the given steps.

Step 1

At first, you have to click on the Epson Support main window and then select the printer model. Furthermore, move to the Manual section and thereafter, press the Start button to begin the process.

Furthermore, you need to download and install the Epson Connection printer Set-up utility.

Step 2

Click on Continue and agree to the Software License Agreement. Then, again click on the Agree option. On the next page, click on Install. Thereafter, click on the Close option to close the window. Now, choose your product and click on Next to continue.

In case, the windows do not automatically appear, then open a Finder window and choose Applications. From there, scroll down and select the Epson Printer option. After that, double-click on the Epson Connect Printer Setup option. 

Step 3

Afterward, choose Printer Registration. Now, ‘Register a printer to Epson Contact’ message will appear on the LED screen, tap on OK.

Scroll down and mark the box beside the ‘I accept the Terms and Conditions’ dialog box. Click on Next to continue the procedure.

Step 4

Now, you have to do any of the following things.

  1. In case, you want to create a new account, then you have to fill out the ‘Create an Epson Connect Account’ and thereafter, click on Finish.
  2. If you want to register a new product with an existing network, then you should click on the ‘I already have an account’ option. Also, fill out the ‘Add a new printer’ form. Then, click on Next.

Finally, click on Close.

That’s it. If you follow the above steps one after another, then surely you can successfully connect the Epson printer to the Wi-Fi on Mac.

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